Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this?

Bijou Baskets is a luxury Picnic Experience.

2. What is included? 

​This experience comes with a 2 person wicker picnic basket with an insulated cooler, an outdoor picnic blanket, and a charcuterie box.

3. Do you provide cutlery?

Yes! Each picnic basket includes plates, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, a wine opener, and cups for 2. I also include moist towelettes with each order. 

4. Do you offer Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Dairy Free options?

I'm looking to expand the food options in the future, but if you have any specific requests for these dietary restrictions, let me know and I can do my best to customize a box for you.

5. Do you offer substitutes? What if I have allergies? 

Yes! Please tell me about any dietary restrictions/allergies upon ordering.

6. What do your serving sizes mean?

I usually list a serving range because people have varying appetites. The lower number is the amount of people if you were to eat charcuterie as a "meal" to be full, while the larger number is the amount of people if you were eating this as a snack or appetizer.


7. Where are you located?

I'm based in San Jose, CA but serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

8. Where do you deliver?

I can deliver to anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area at a cost. Please contact me for more details.


9. How can I get this?

Check my tab called "Ordering" for instructions. 

10. How far in advance should I book?

I require bookings 48 hours in advance so I have enough time to buy and prepare the charcuterie. If you need it sooner, message me and I might be able to accommodate you! I would recommend booking 2 weeks-1 month in advance. 


11. Can I store my box and eat it later?

The charcuterie is meant to be eaten immediately and taste best when eaten within a few hours after delivery. Each basket will include an insulated cooler and ice pack to ensure freshness. Charcuterie can be stored in your fridge and is best for up to 3 days (afterwards will still be fine, but the meat may be dry and crackers might get stale). 


12. What type of payments do you accept?

I currently take cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle (preferred). 

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